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Mehmet Avdagiç, president of independent trade union of workers in agriculture, food and tobacco industry, water management, commerce, catering and tourism (PPDIVUT), spoke with new minister of agriculture, water management and forest of Federation of BIH.

Today in Sarajevo, delegation of trade union PPDIVUT BIH ahead with president spoke with Mr. Ljerko Ivankoviç-Lijanovic new minister of agriculture, water management and forest of Federation of BIH. On this meeting Mr. Avdagiç congratulated to new minister and has supported his intentions for visit all farmers in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
President Avdagiç expressed disappointment of the sector branches of trade union PPDIVUT heretofore because of the lack of interest of past government to Federation of BIH, especially minister of agriculture for the situation in agriculture and food sector. Mr. Avdagiç energized with slights of initiatives the trade union PPDIVUT and various association of farmers by past government. President Avdagiç indicated that overcoming of poorness and decreasing of the starvation level of workers and whole people depend on interest of government with agriculture and food sector in future. Also asserted that Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a country, has natural resources and with them it could feed seven million its inhabitants which means double of the population existing of BIH now, but unfortunately so little percent of country to arranging and insufficiently use rest natural advantages and resources. He spoke to everybody whose struggle for chair more important than struggle against decrease of import and affirmation of domestic procedure and acquire of hunger and inhabitants, that badly spend, because more than two hundred thousand member of this trade union and those who lives and works by agriculture-food sector organized in large association prestissimo “batten on the door” and nothing will be as before.
Minister Mr. Ljerko Ivankoviç-Lijanovic supported attitudes of trade union PPDIVUT which goes on the way to abet domestic produce and stepping up her protection and accentuated his commitment for heavy and adequately exploitation natural resources as well as minister in government of Federation of Bosina and Herzegovina maximal engage, he deliberate that human the most threatened than if not exist to eat, while existence big number such inhabitants and workers are sufficient issue for concrete action.
On the end of meeting conventionally so promptly to hold meeting with a new selected Prime Minister of government of Federation of BIH Mr. Nermin Niksiq whereas evaluated that for comprehensive and concrete action for protection and improvement domestic produce is necessary to include government of Federation of BIH in full capacity.
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