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Serbia Catering and Tourism Workers’ Union Hold “Tourism Festival”

Serbian Catering and Tourism Workers’ Union hold the 28th “Tourism Festival” which takes place biennially between the dates of 25- 28 October 2011. By the invitation of President Radan Milanoviç, General President of Eurasia Federation and Toleyis Union Cemail Bakindi, General Finance Director Yusuf Kutlu participated to festival in company with numerous representatives of workplaces in Izmir, Ankara, Marmara, Bursa and Istanbul where the Toleyis is organized.
Committee started to journey with the aim of arrive Serbia passing through Kosovo, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia and visited to Bosnia- Herzegovina Trade Union PPDIVUT and Macedonia Trade Union SUTKOZ which are affiliated to Eurasia Federation. As declared at the last Presidential Meeting of Eurasia Federation, financial aid to Montenegro Agriculture, Food and Tabocco Workers’ Union was realized. In addition to this, committee visited to Montenegro Tourism Workers’ Union and met by the General President, Cede Milinic.
Within the scope of festival, a competition among workers and students of tourism hotels, vocational villages and tourism departments of universities and colleges at various brancheslike cooking, cleaning, servicing, etc. was hold. When competition came to an end, organizers declared winners who were awarded with medals and gifts.
General President, Cemail Bakindi made a speech and emphasized the importance of the catering and tourism sector so the necessity of establishing the solidarity between the unions operated at those sectors. As a result of the demand of reporters from Serbian TV channel STV2, Bakindi, gave a speech to reporters and said that Toleyis Union will work for the organization of next festival with Serbian trade union. After the festival, committee thanked to Serbian Catering and Tourism Workers’ Union and the General President Radan Milanoviç for their hospitality and departure from the country.
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