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8 March World Worker Women’s Day of Toleyis Union´s Member Was Celebrated at Istanbul Sheraton Hotel

The activities of 8 March World Worker Women’s Day was held on our organized workplace, Istanbul Ataköy Shretaon Hotel. At the first part of activities, a panel named as “Equality, Freedom, Justice and Peace…Only with Women” take place. Previous MP of Republican People’s Party and the President of Women’s Committee Mrs. Güldal Okuducu acted as moderator in panel and the panelists are Columnist in Cumhuriyet newspaper, Mrs. Miyase Ilknur, International Relations Secretary of Confederation of Workers’ Trade Union of Greece Mrs. Zoe Lanara, Vice President of Contemporary Cinema Actresses Association and actress Mrs. Nur Sürer, President of Montenegro Tourism Workers’ Union Mrs. Cede Milinic. And also columnist of Cumhuriyet newspaper Mrs. Sükran Soner made a speech before the panel.
Lots of guests from abroad and especially the women workplace representatives from foreign trade unions participated to our celebration activities. International Relations Secretary of Confederation of Workers’ Trade Union of Greece Mrs. Zoe Lanara, President of Azerbaijan Trade Union Confederation Settar Mehbaliyev, President of Azerbaijan FoodWorkers’ Union Mr. Tofig Guliyev and Ilgar Nazerov, Zehra Memedova, Svetlana Safarova, Azerbaijan Natural Resources and Ecology Workers’ Union Mr. Telman Guliyev and the workplace representatives Sevinç Adil, Lale Arabkhanova, from Azerbaijan Public Wokers’ Union Nigar Gurbanova and Tahire Farzaliyeva, President of Montenegro Tourism Workers’ Union Mrs. Cede Milinic, Montenegro Agriculture, Food, Tobacco and Water Wokers’ Union Veljko Boasic and Djurdjina Vujoseviç, President of Serbia Catering and Tourism Workers’ Union Mr. Radan Milovanovic and Olga Mladenoviç, President of Serbia Independent Trade Unions Confederation Mr. Ljubisav Orbovic and Svetlana Mancic, President of Georgia Food Industry Workers’ Union Mr. Gela Dzabilasvili, President of Albania SPILT Union Mr. Ismalaja Myftar and Gami Lemi and Engjell Collaku, President of Albania BSPSH Union Mr. Gezim Kalaja, President of PPDIVUT Union Mr. Mehmet Avdagiç, Prvulovic Sonja, Jarebica Aida, Hrustic Amira and Radic Maja, Cutuna Fahrudin, Fetahovic Rifat, President of Kosovo BSPK Union Mr. Haxhi Arifi and Shqipe Ahmeti, President of Romania Agro Fratia Union Mr. Georgescu Ioan and President of Women Committee Cristina Toader, President of Kirgizhistan Food Industry Workers’ Union Mr. Sakinbek Apsaliyev, President of Tajikistan Akrar Industry Workers’ Union Mr. Mirali Safarov, from Tajikistan Culture and Tourism Sector Wokers’ Union Haciyeva Zarina, Mrs. Lyudmila Sirotenko from Ukraine Food Industry Workers’ Union, Mr. Ahmed Dhifli and Habib Rejeb from Tunisia Fgat Union, President of Egypt Tourism Workers’ Union Mr. Maghraby Soliman Saleh, Vice General Secretary Mr. Mamdouh Ryad Sabra, General Financial Secretary Mr. Hussein Shaaban Hussein and Mr. Refaat El-Sayed participated to our 8 March celebration activities.
Manager of Collective Bargaining Agreement and Organization Department of Toleyis Union, Mrs. Hülya Özdemir informed about the foreign participants of organization and salutes them. Then she announced the Mr. Cemail Bakindi to make the opening speech of organization.
General President of Toleyis Union, Mr. Cemail Bakindi made the opening speech of the organization. He thanked all of the participants, guests from abroad, press and our members. Bakindi emphasized that the correct saying is Wokers’ Day but not the only Women’s Day and he said that worker women have more difficulty than housewives. He said that the rights of women noticed very lately and reminded that Toleyis is the first trade union which recognized the positive discrimination to women. Bakindi wished that these celebration activities will take a traditional event and he thanked for limited press members for their attention. He emphasized one again that if there is not a free press we cannot talk about the democracy. Finally Bakindi thanked to participants once again and declared his best wishes for everyone in 2013.
After the speech of Mr. Bakindi, Sükran Soner from Cumhuriyet newspaper begins to her speak and firstly she thanked for the organization and kind invitation. She declared her wish to make a call for a new women’s struggle because she said that at the beginning of women’s struggle in Turkey they made a mistake. She said that she and her friends thought that if women come to the management position in organization the women’s problem would be solved but the situation is not that. Soner talked about the beginning of struggle and she informed about the English miners’ struggle which was began by women. Soner also emphasized the situation of media today and said that there has been never such a dependant media in the history of Republic and as being Turkey we are the first ones about workplace accidents and death. She said that we have to fight against all of these bad conditions. Soner expressed her best wishes about future and wishes a good organization for women.
After the speech of Soner panel was taken place. Moderator Mrs. Güldal Okuducu made a small speech and she talked about the history of women’s day briefly. Then she also mentioned the high rates of women murder and said that all of us have to sense responsibility for this reason. Then Okuducu started to panel. Firstly, Mrs. Nur Sürer began to speak to talk about “Art and Artists in Women Enlightenment”. Sürer said that she is very hopeless about whether women will be equal with men in Turkey or not and she said that probably not. Sürer mentioned that whenever 8 March comes she is invited to such kind of organizations but it is the first time she participates to such kind of organization. She also talked about her experiences about trade unions and she said that also in trade unions women cannot take some important positions and their numbers are very limited. Sürer gave information about her own sector and sait that only 3 years ago there was not event women directors and now the young women make very good films but cannot take attention of audiences. She also said that in the past the film sector was based on women star system and only 4 women acted on hundred of films but those films are not the women’s story. Finally Sürer talked about the women murder and said that there have been always lots of murder but we did not hear but now we hear them much more.
After Sürer, President of Montenegro Tourism Workers’ Union Mrs. Cede Milinic made a speech headed as “Situation of Women in Balkan Countries”. Milinic expressed her happiness to being in panel and said that it is very big success to come together that much of women. Milinic sait that nowehere the international acts are applied in correctly and emphasized the importance of firstly defining the demands of women. She said that it is important to struggle with men so they can be also transformed in this process. She also talked on situation in Montenegro and said that even constitution is not applied completely. She ended her speech with best wishes and success all of the women in their struggles.
After that Miyase Ilknur began her speech headed as “The History of Women’s Movement from the Beginning of Republic” and firstly she spoke about the first period of Republic. She said that women entered to economic life as a necessary because lots of the men had been died in wartime. The rules are according to the Islamic law in those times and women did not have much of the rights; even they couldn’t go to hospitals and they were not counted in population census. She said that with the Civil Code women get right to speak in marriage and divorce, right in inheritance law, but of course women could not get all the rights in that era. Then they gained right to elect and to be elected but gradually. In the past there are much women workplace representatives but nowadays it does not appear so. Ilknur send her best wishes everyone and especially the working class of Greece and ended her speech.
Then the member of Toleyis Women Committee and Organization Secretary of Toleyis Istanbul Region Branch Mrs. Filiz Aktas made a small speech and said that 8 March is a symbol of a world with justice and peace and fight against the gender discrimination. Aktas said that women work in both their workplaces and their home and because of this reason they cannot be active as needed. Finally she expressed the her best wishes and thanked everyone.
After Aktas, President of Women Committee of PPDIVUT Union of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Prvulovic Sonja also made a small speech. She also emphasized the importance of struggle with men and talked about the situation in Bosnia. She also thanked to Turkish trade unions for their support in wartime in Bosnia. Sonja, thanked everyone and ended her speak.
Finally, a women guest from Azerbaijan made a small speech and she expressed her best wishes for everyone and salutes them. She spoke about the pains of women in Azerbaijan and she wishes the unity of all of the people under one flag. She finally thanked to both Mr. Bakindi and Mr. Guliyev.
After the end of panel second part of the organization was began and after the lunch all of the women participants participated to Bosporus Tour organized by our Toleyis Union. Our activities ended with the dinner in 8 March evening.

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