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The President Mr. Zoran Georgijevski to request development in regional cooperation against the global capital and to suggest the idea to establish Regional Unions Association during his visit to Turkey as a result of the friendship relations started between Macedonia SUTKOZ Trade union President Mr. Zoran Georgijevski and Toleyis Trade union in 2006 have been acquiesced by the President of Toleyis Trade Union Mr. Cemail Bakındı and Eurasia Federation idea has been suggested.

Toleyis Trade Union President Mr. Cemail Bakındı has requested from Mr. Zoran Georgijevski to carry out required works in accordance with this idea at Balkan countries and has stated that he will carry out works at Asian countries. A contact has been established with Asian countries with the cooperation of Tekgıda-İş Trade union President Mr. Mustafa Türkel and Toleyis Trade Union President Mr. Cemail Bakındı and Asian Countries have been organized as a result of the works of Azerbaijan City Savings and Food Industry Employees Union President Mr. Tofig Guliyev.

As a result of these progresses, during the foreign travel made to evaluate the works carried out by Mr. Zoran Georgijevski in May 2007, Mr. Cemail Bakındı has invited all Balkan countries and Asian counties to the meeting held at Turkey/Istanbul on 31.08.2007 to conclude the establishment of Eurasia Federation as a result of the meetings at Macedonia, Bosnia and Kosovo. With the invitation of Orman-İş, Tarım-İş and Şeker-İş from Turkey, a background suitable to the business line definition abroad has been constituted and the establishment works have been started.

 During the meeting, discussions on establishing Eurasia Food, Agriculture, Forest and Tourism Employees Federation have been made and with the declaration signed by all participating countries, the decision to establish Eurasia Food, Agriculture, Forest and Tourism Workers’ Federation has been taken on 31.08.2007. The unions located within the Eurasia geography, in the leadership of Turkey, has come together and decided to establish this federation within the scope of common strategies and principles. Montenegro, Kosovo, Sarajevo, Serbia, Romania and Macedonia from Balkan countries including Turkey and Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan from Asia Region have attended the meeting held with the participation of 12 countries from Balkans and Asia. Hotel, Restaurant and Entertainment Workers’ Trade Union of Turkey (TOLEYİS) and Tobacco, Drink, Food and Allied Workers’ Trade Union of Turkey (TEKGIDA-İŞ) has leaded this meeting where the decision for establishing the federation has been taken.

Thinking that the national structuring is not sufficient and an international level restructuring is required today where new world chaos is experienced, the union movement looses strength and capital increasingly gather strength, Toleyis and Tekgıda-İş Trade Unions’ authorities have come together and carried out the Federation works. In this way, the first step of a regional cooperation with Eurasia Federation has been made in the leadership of Turkey.

The opening speeches in the establishment meeting of the federation have been performed by Toleyis Trade Union President Mr. Cemail Bakındı and Tekgıda-İş Trade Union President Mr. Mustafa Türkel. Mr. Mustafa Türkel has stated that the cooperation and solidarity with the Eurasia Federation will lead to important results in terms of developing the cooperation, labor solidarity and union solidarity between the countries. The President of Toleyis Trade Union Mr. Cemail Bakındı has stated that this purpose is established in order to have a closer cooperation and to make stronger works against the global capital in the world in accordance with carrying out a regional cooperation, stated that the capital knows no bound in the world and that an effort must be shown for the labor to appear as a global power against capital with cooperation and expressed that this establishment will contribute to the peace in the world.

The President of Türk-İş(Turkish Confederation of Trade Unions)Confederation Mr. Salih Kılıç has also attended the meeting where the establishment of the federation is decided and made a meaningful speech. Salih Kılıç has stated that the globalization of labor is required against the globalization of the capital that the globalization threatens the nation states and that it also demolishes the social states. He has stated that this capitalization process should not be considered as a spontaneously realized issue and that the World Bank, IMF and World Trade Organizations act in accordance with controlling their own capital benefits and to increase their efficiency. He has stated that this process where the labor movement is against the union movement is not a weather change, but it is a climatic change and that the union movement has to determine new structuring and new strategies and to suggest new organization forms by seeing the international solidarity as the strongest weapon.

Ass. Prof. Dr. Sayım Yorgun has stated that one of the milestones of the history is experienced with the establishment of the Eurasia Federation, that there are three basic change waves when the change in the world is considered, the first change wave is agriculture and it reveals the agriculture society order, the second change wave is industry and it reveals the industry society order and that we are now within the third wave and this wave is information wave and it causes the information society. He has expressed that union movement has arisen as an employee movement, but it is not a movement only considering the interests of the employees, it is also a freedom movement of humanity.

Stating that the employee movement is not possible to be successful in local and national level with the industrialization movement and that “employees unite” concept has revealed 150 years ago, Yorgun has expressed that the international union movement was borne in Europe like how the union movement was born in Europe before the national unions have occurred, but the international union movement which has to serve to humanity did not achieve this objective and shown the international union movement to never leave the interests of industrialized countries as the reason of this.

He has stated that the international union movement has 3 waves, that the first wave is the one which the unions occurred together with the first industrialization movement, that the second wave is the one which the union movement has acquired a shape based on two-pole earth system and that the third wave is the supranational union period and that we are now within this wave.

While continuing his speech, Ass. Prof. Dr. Sayım Yorgun has stated his ideas about which basis should the international union movement be built on and how it should be organized. He has expressed that a quartet basis should be mentioned here, first it is required to bring up the international union organization, that there is a requirement for a second basis which we can express as international level business line frame agreements, regional agreements and international level agreements, that the third basis is the international work standards and social policies and finally the fourth basis must be the solidarity and cooperation.

Stating that the world is in a new chaos and the name of this order is “New World Chaos”, he has told that the balance will be provided and the order will be established when we have put global labor against the global capital. He has expressed that there is poverty, war and scarcity for 150 years in the geography that we live and the resources of this geography is pillaged and the people of this geography has set down each other, he has concluded his speech by emphasizing that this federation would be successful if the people living here reveals by saying “these are our richness” for the differences of this geography and saying “we will free the people of this geography”, but this movement would not be successful if they get stuck on the national policies, religious objectives and run after unimportant things.

In this way, an important step has been taken for the globalization of the labor with this meeting held on 31.08.2007 for determining the establishment purpose and principles of the Eurasia Food, Agriculture, Forest and Tourism Workers’ Federation and to create a perspective for the future realized with the attempts of Toleyis and Tekgıda-İş, which are the trade unions connected to Türk-İş Confederation, and with the participation of Orman-İş, Tarım-İş, Şeker-İş Trade Unions and other unions in 11 countries.

The organization structure of the Eurasia Federation, which has become official with the application submitted to the Governorship on 21.09.2007, is consisted of Asia Regional Agency and Balkan Regional Agency which Turkey/Istanbul is the headquarters. Balkan Regional Agency is constituted from two countries as Macedonia and Sarajevo. Asia Regional Agency is located at Azerbaijan. Twelve countries are the members of the federation. The countries and unions who are the members of the federation are Tekgıda-İş Trade Union, Toleyis Trade Union , Şeker-İş Trade Union, Tarım- İş Trade Union and Orman-İş Trade Union from Turkey, Agro Sindikat and Sutkoz Trade Unions from Macedonia, Ppdivut Trade Union from Sarajevo, Azerbaijan City Savings and Food Industry Employees Trade Union from Azerbaijan, Georgia Agriculture and Food Industry Employees Trade Union from Georgia, Ceres Trade Union, Agro Fratia Federation and Agro Starro Trade Unions from Romania, BSPK Trade Union from Kosovo, Confederation of Trade Unions of Montenegro and Trade Union of Agriculture, Food and Tobacco Industry Montenegro Trade Union from Montenegro, Autonomous Trade Union of Catering and Tourism of Serbia from Serbia, Uzbekistan Agriculture and Food Industry Employees Trade Union from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan Agriculture and Food Industry Employees Union from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan Food Industry Employees Union from Kyrgyzstan.

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